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During its ten years of experience, Molecor© has developed unique solutions that have broken preset schemes becoming unquestioned leaders in the water sector. The development of a unique technology, the PVC-O pipes range expansion, the exponential production capacity increase, the opening to the international market, etc. have made the Spanish company leader and referent for the sector.

During the K2016, attendees will see some of these innovations such as the DN800 mm PVC-O pipes.

M-OR-P 1640

This is the system that makes the largest number of diameters and pressures, from DN90 mm to DN400 mm (4" to 14"), up to 25 bars (305 psi). With a production capacity of 3,000T/year, the M-OR-T 1640 technology manufactures class 500 PVC-O pipes for the supply of potable water, for urban and industrial uses, etc.

M-OR-P 3163

The M-OR-P 3163 System, with 5,000T/year production capacity, allows manufacturing large pipes of high pressure requirements for water supply, reclaimed water, fire networks, etc. This technology allows the use of both the Integrated Socket System and the Integrated Seal System to manufacture class 500 PVC-O pipes from DN250 mm to DN630 mm up to 25 bars (305 psi).

M-OR-P 3180

The M-OR-P 3180 tecnology is one of the development that has shaken the sector. With a manufacturing capacity of 6,000T/year, this system makes class 500 PVC-O pipes, up to 25 bar pressure (305 psi) using the Integrated Seal System (ISS+) from DN315 mm to DN800 mm (12" to 30"). This system has been designed to manufacture large diameter pipes for the conveyance of water under pressure in major networks, uptake in lakes, desalination stations or other large projects.

Integrated Seal System (ISS+)

The Integrated Seal System (ISS+) is a system that allows the insertion of a reinforced rubber gasket 100% automatically on the pipe socket. This system presents significant improvements in the behaviour of pipes, especially in those of large diameter and high pressure and can be easily integrated into the factories standard configuration.

Besides all this, we will present assistants the projects in which we are working; solutions that will solve the demands in the water sector and that will become new global milestones.